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Below is a list and brief description of the programs that take place Thursday-Saturday at Punderson State Park. The majority of programs will take place or start from the nature center, which is located by the check in station at the campground. For a detailed program schedule for a specific weekend please contact the naturalist, Marcie Reiter at (440) 336-4584.

Manor Talk or Hike:
This program will begin at Punderson Manor. Any available animals from the nature center will be brought up to the Manor. A discussion will follow on what they are and their life history. If no animals are available we will take a hike around the .75 mile Iroquois trail while discussing Ohio’s ecology, history of Punderson Manor, and the animals and plants found in Punderson.
Time: approximately 1 hour

Ohio Turtle Talk:
Discuss that turtles are reptiles and what that means? How you distinguish a turtle from other reptiles. Talk about the 11 different species of turtles in Ohio, their morphology and ecology. If possible show a live turtle and discuss respecting turtles in nature. A craft will follow this discussion; the craft will be to make a paper bowl turtle.
Time: approximately 1 hour

Nature Craft:
Gather objects around the Nature Center to make a souvenir magnet.
Time: approximately 30-45 minutes

Frog Foray:
Take a short hike on the Erie Trail to a small pond to dip net. Nets will be used to catch frogs, tadpoles, fish, and aquatic insects. Buckets will be used to temporarily put animals in so everyone will get a chance to see and identify the specimen. All animals will be released at end of program.
Time: approximately 1 hour

Erie Trail Hike:
Hike the 2.2 mile Erie Trail. Throughout the hike discuss Ohio Ecology and look for Ohio Wildlife.
Time: approximately 1 hour

Nature Scavenger Hunt:
Children and their families are encouraged to work together to complete a nature scavenge hunt. Items that will be found include different leaves, animal tracks, bark, and other natural objects around the campground.
Time: approximately 1 hour

Wildlife Bingo:
Play the classic bingo game, only instead of numbers images of Ohio Wildlife will be used on the bingo board. Pictures will include Ohio mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, and insects. Winner for each game gets a prize.
Time: approximately 30-45 minutes

Program to take place on the basketball court during the ice cream social. All members of the family are encouraged to participate in this non-competitive game.
Time: approximately 1 hour

Feeder Birds:
Presentation on types of bird feeders and what kinds of birds are attracted to them. Discuss the types of birds you will likely see at feeders. Use empty milk jugs to create and decorate a bird feeder or make a pine cone bird feeder.
Time: approximately 1 hour

Mammal Talk:
Discuss what it means to be a mammal and how to distinguish from other animals. Talk about some Ohio mammals and if available show their skulls and pelts. The craft that will follow the talk will be making a Beaver puppet.
Time: approximately 1 hour

Nature’s Engineers (The beaver):
Take a short hike on the Erie trail to see a beaver lodge and dam. Discuss the behavior and ecology of beavers and their impact on the environment
Time: approximately 1 hour

Fishing: Time:
Meet at the marina, learn about the fish of Ohio and get a chance to try and catch a fish.
Time: approximately 1-2 hours

Learn the basic skills of archery and get a chance to shoot at targets. Ages 10 and up.
Time: approximately 1-2 hours

Learn the life cycle of a monarch butterfly from egg to butterfly. Look at the different stages of the life cycle of live monarch caterpillars collected at the nature center. Take a short walk in the campground or on the Erie trail to look for and collect monarch eggs or caterpillars.
Time: approximately 1 hour

Use the links below to select the desired months program schedule

NatureProgramJune (PDF)     NatureProgramJuly (PDF)

NatureProgramAugust (PDF)



Three categories: Flora & fauna, Landscape, & Camping life
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Friends of Punderson Coopers Milk Vetch
Cooper’s Milk Vetch (Astragalus neglectus) is a globally rare plant. Its habitat is along banks and lake shores, especially on limestone, and in disturbed forests and fields. It flowers in June. One of the few known locations in Ohio for the plant is at Punderson State Park along the road to the campground.