About Us

The Friends of Punderson is a 501(c)(3) organized to coordinate volunteer activities and receive donations on behalf of Punderson State Park Region.  We organize programs and special events for educational purposes and to engage park patrons as well as sponsor park improvements such as the Kids’ Fishing Derby, Halloween Camp Out and several Disc Golf events. Our meetings are held once a month and open to the public as well as others who would like to help volunteer and organize events within the park. If you have an idea for a new park event, would like to volunteer, or become a member of our group please contact us!

Do you love the park?  Do you have ideas for improving the park?  Do you have ideas for raising funds to help the park?  Do you see some volunteer activities that your would like to be a part of or some projects you would like to get behind?  Please contact us, consider making a donation, or becoming a member of our group.  We meet the second Tuesday of every other month at 7:00 PM at the manor house – for more information see the events page.