Completed Projects

September 2019
New bridge installed on hole #8 of the disc golf course

With funding from Friends of Punderson and help from Andy, Bobby, and Katfish, Sarge has built us a new bridge, which has long been needed to allow maintenance equipment to reach holes #6 and #7

August 2019
Sarge Builds New Bridge For #4

With funding from Friends of Punderson and help from Brian Shega, Andy Morrison, Bob Becker, and Catfish, Sarge has replace this:

with this:

May 2019
Platform Repaired And Improved

Built by volunteers, paid for with donations, the platform tee pad is a pièce de résistance of the disc golf course, although walkers also enjoy the view.  Last winter, it was struck by a large tree:

That tree looks like it would have crushed about anything, but the platform took it like a champ.  The damage was just to the bench and the railing.  With funding from Friends of Punderson and more handiwork from Sarge, this is what we now have:

April 2019
Movie Screen (backdrop) has been repaired!

Kids watch movies on this screen by the campground throughout the summer.  Due to a rotted post, it was twisting and near collapse.  Fortunately, Sarge saw the problem and was moved to fix it before the next wind storm.

Sarge built an A-frame to hold the structure up while he replaced the post.

The new post is in and the structure is once again sound at a price we could afford.

April 2019
Dry Feet Are Happy Feet!

The Friends of Punderson has funded the installation of a gravel path from the parking lot to the 1st red tee of the disc golf course:

Drainage work is still needed, but considering that this was the muddiest part of the course, the project was a huge success!