History of the Punderson Park Region

Click on the links to enjoy some of the history about the Punderson Region.

Friends of Punderson - Punderson History (PDF)         Friends of Punderson - Punderson Program (PDF)

Friends of Punderson - Nelson History (PDF)         Friends of Punderson - Nelson Geology (PDF)

For more information about the History of Punderson click on the following link:


One thought on “History of the Punderson Park Region

  1. Ohio Geological Survey is preparing a leaflet for the Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park. “Nelson Geology” article in your website will be referenced in the leaflet for further reading. We think it may be written by Mr. Lou Horvath who has authored “The History of Nelson Ledges”. Please let us know, who is the author for the Geology page of Nelson Ledges in your website.
    Thank you.

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