Membership and Volunteering

Interested in improving your local State Park? Have some time on your hands? Then this may be the organization for you!

The Friends of Punderson works to improve Punderson State Park through of variety of activities. The Friends use funds provided by donors, sponsors, and grants to maintain attractions and host events that the State Park supports, but cannot do on their own. Items such as:

– general maintenance (cutting grass, weed trimming, painting)
– events (campouts, fishing, archery, etc)
– improvement projects (building new walking paths, drainage work)

Your help is needed!
To volunteer simply join us at a Friends meeting (check the Events page for dates) or send email to

Do I have to be a member to volunteer? No, everyone can volunteer.
Do I have to be a member to attend Friends meetings? No, everyone is welcome to attend meetings.

By becoming a member you are entitled to vote. The Friends meet the second Tuesday of every other month. The meeting is about an hour and a half long and is a forum to discuss projects, event planning, and fundraising.

Membership fees are as follows:

  • $5.00 Regular (Individual / Senior)
  • $10.00 Family (Single Household)
  • $50.00 – Associate (For Groups, one individual may represent the group as Director, and has 1 vote at meetings)
  • $100.00 – Corporate (For Businesses – includes website ad placement for the year, doesn’t include voting rights)

Use the PayPal form below to pay the membership fee, or bring a check/money order made out to “Friends of Punderson” to the next meeting. The membership form below must be printed and completed.


  • $50.00 – Website Sponsor Help support our website! For one month your ad will appear at the top of every web page!. Use the PayPal form below to pay the sponsorship fee, or mail a check/money order made out to “Friends of Punderson” (Mailing Address). Note: sponsorship doesn’t provide membership or voting rights.


  • Make a Donation! If you don’t want to become a member or volunteer you can still support the Friends by providing a Donation .

Membership Form and More Information

Friends of Punderson Membership Form (PDF)

Friends of Punderson Membership Brochure (PDF)

Friends of Punderson ByLaws (PDF)

Pay your membership fee or sponsorship using Paypal

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