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Spring is Blooming at the Park!

Punderson is home to many native plant species including wetland, woodland and meadow plants. Native plants and flowers are necessary to help sustain a wide variety of wildlife and habitat….


Green Thumbs Wanted! Garden Clubs Welcome

Would you like to add your special touch to a garden bed at Punderson State Park? There are several beds within the park that could use some TLC and the…


Kids’ Fishing Derby Gets Great Weather!

It was a beautiful day for the Fishing Derby! With warm sunny skies, and a light breeze it was a perfect day to enjoy the outdoors and get the fishing…


The Sounds of Spring; Birds and Peepers

If you haven’t noticed spring is finally starting to return to Northeast Ohio! Many migratory birds are returning and ringing in the morning with their songs. In the evenings the…


Pun’s Labyrinth 3 Disc Golf Tournament

Pun’s Labyrinth 3 has been scheduled for July 26th -27th, 2014. We are continuing with the two-day tournament which will include FREE camping for anyone who confirms they wish to…


Pet Campout Delayed – June 21st, 2014

Currently, the news regarding the Pet Campout is that it will be delayed for June 21st.  Due to our lingering cold weather and other park projects in progress, we feel…


Welcome Spring – Turkey Vultures Have Arrived

It’s official, the Turkey Vulture, or Buzzard has returned to Newbury as a sighting by one of our Friends members on March 7, 2014! Turkey Vultures (Cathartes aura septentrionalis) are…


Indoor Pool to be CLOSED – June 15th – September 30th, 2014

The indoor pool located at Punderson State Park within the Manor House is estimated to be closed from June 15th, 2014 to September 30th, 2014. If you were a park…