Punderson Sled Hill Grand Opening Re-Cap



This weekend, Punderson State Park marked a very important step forward. A new tow rope has been installed at the sled hill after nearly 20 years without one, Although the park staff was stating that it was last running 30 years ago, many of us recalled the original tow rope that was removed, and we are barely in our 30’s so we are aware that the park probably had the wrong information – but regardless of that, the new rope is in – all the way from Germany! Here to celebrate were Punderson Park Staff, including the new park manager, Jon Q., regional park manager Doug Lyons, Jim Zehringer, John Ecklund, Sarah LaTourette, Walter Claypool, The Friends of Punderson, other volunteers and even the Newbury Fire Department! Here are a few safety measures you need to take and things you need to know about the sled hill:

  1. No Loose Scarves for the Tow Rope
  2. No Loose Clothing for the Tow Rope
  3. No Long Hair Exposed for the Tow Rope
  4. You MUST sign a waiver to borrow one of the park’s tubes – You are sledding at your own risk
  5. The park’s tubes will be free for use this year, if available; they will charge for them next year
  6. You may bring your own sled or tube
  7. The Tow Rope may only be used if you have a tube with the proper hook-up (please contact the park in regards to this)
  8. You may still walk up the hill in designated areas
  9. The chalet will be open weather and daylight permitting on weekends only
  10. The lights that normally illuminate the sled hill are NOT working, so the hill will be closed when it is too dark to sled safely.

We also have to say THANK YOU to the volunteers and park staff that gave the Sports’ Chalet a face lift. Although many may not notice the improvements, anyone who had recently used the chalet would definitely notice the wonderful job they did freshening it up.

The Friends of Punderson donated the hot chocolate for this event, and the park also provided free “s’more” kits for those wanting to roast marshmallows by the fire that was set up outside, and Xanterra provided some free donuts and pastries.

Below is the second part of the press event for the opening of the sled hill, which also goes over other improvements being made at Punderson State Park, along with some others that have already been implemented that you may not be aware of. Punderson is designated as “The Winter Sport” park of Ohio with cross country skiing, sled hill, dog sledding, snowmobile trails, ice fishing (when permitted) – and yes, even disc golf is an all year round sport! It is also one of only seven “free” parks in the state, where you can enjoy most activities at no additional cost, including a visit to the manor house just to sit by the fire or hear a ghost story. If you would like to become more involved at Punderson State Park, please consider joining the Friends of Punderson! We are in need of new members and volunteers throughout the year.