Halloween Camp Out 2021 Winners

Our Halloween Camp Out was a great success! We want to thank all of the volunteers and extra helpers we had this year for crafts and judging as well as master balloon artist, “Swifty” the Clown! Please note we had some new, outside volunteers as judges this year so the decisions were made through many new eyes and taste buds! Also thank you to the Naturalist, Campground Staff, Hosts, Volunteers and Park Staff for their activities and participation in making this an awesome event!

Here are the winners:

Chili Cook Off Winner: Campsite 92, Crystal, (White Chili)
Chili Cook Off Runner Up: Campsite 41, Sarah, (White Chili)

There were also a lot of likes for the vegetable chili, venison chili, and many more – this came down to the one chili that every judge had on their list as one of their top picks.

Pumpkin Decorating Winner: Campsite 142, Painted Pumpkin
Pumpkin Decorating Runner Up: Campsite 154, Carved Spider
Pumpkin Decorating Mention for Campsite 47, Pumpkin House with Skeleton

S’more Contest Winner: Campsite 47, Pumpkin Spice S’more
S’more Contest Runner up: Campsite, Peanut Butter & Pretzel

We realize the s’more contest was hard to manage with the kids trick or treating, a few judges did go around to taste/judge s’mores later on and we apologize if the judges did not get to you or didn’t see anyone when they came around; if we do this again, it will be earlier in the day before trick-or-treat.

Campsite Decorating Winners:

Campsites 41-45, Large Scene with Smoking Grill, Spiders and Black Lights
Campsite 67, A Skeleton Christmas Story
Campsite 162, Creepy Walk Through

Others mentioned – Doctors & Nurses (187/188?), Harry Potter/Back to the Future (Campsite 53), Handmade Horrors (Campsite 185), Skeletons around Fire & more (Campsite 47)

Costume Contest – We will consider having Kids and Adult categories next year, we always see a lot of great adults dressed up, but have traditionally only given prizes to the kids, so we may consider adding categories for Adults as well:

Traditional Winner: Scarecrow, Campsite 47
Super Hero Winner: Anime Character, Campsite 21
Scariest Winner: Vintage Clown, Campsite 43
Funniest Winner: Jamaican Bobsled Team, Campsite 27
Prettiest Winner: Princess Coach, Campsite 92
Character Winner: Peter Pan & Tinkerbell, Campsite 185
Animal Winner: Shark, Campsite 22
Handmade Winner: Donuts, Campsite 66
Park Related: Woodland Fairy, Campsite 25
Best Group Winner: Back to the Future, Campsite 53

Dino-Wizard was also awarded a prize for originality, costumes are always very hard to judge and we love them all! Chik-fil-A, Cinderella, Fallout Character, Top Gun, Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers, Large Butterfly, Doctors and Nurses, Pennywise, Bigfoot, Stilted Death and many many more were mentioned! Thank you everyone for participating!

Chalk Walk Winner: Sparrow
Chalk Walk Mentions: Sunset, Vampire Lips, Cat, Owl, Creepy Colorful Face, American Flag, but we really loved them all! This was put on by the Nature Center and Campground Station