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The William B. Cleveland Nature Center is located near the entrance to the campground, open during the summer months. Below are the current events and activities related to the nature center.

Halloween Camp Out 2016

YES! The Halloween Camp Out is Happening this year at Punderson State Park! We were just informed that apparently some of the campground employees were not made aware of this….

Halloween Camp Out at Punderson State Park, Saturday, October 1st

It’s almost that time of year again! Coming up quickly this year is the Halloween Camp Out at Punderson State Park! Now is the time to Reserve your Campsite and…

Spring is Blooming at the Park!

Punderson is home to many native plant species including wetland, woodland and meadow plants. Native plants and flowers are necessary to help sustain a wide variety of wildlife and habitat….

The Sounds of Spring; Birds and Peepers

If you haven’t noticed spring is finally starting to return to Northeast Ohio! Many migratory birds are returning and ringing in the morning with their songs. In the evenings the…

Welcome Spring – Turkey Vultures Have Arrived

It’s official, the Turkey Vulture, or Buzzard has returned to Newbury as a sighting by one of our Friends members on March 7, 2014! Turkey Vultures (Cathartes aura septentrionalis) are…