Members of the Siberian Huskie Club spent many days rebuilding, repairing, and maintaining the trails within the park. This year Friends of Punderson and Huskie Club members Don and Phyllis Pizmoht have spent many hours working on the 9 ¾ miles of trails in the park. In the pictures, you can see Don has just finished installing a trail head marker for the Erie Trail. Phyllis is putting on the final touches to a trail marker for the Huron trail. These color coded markers are placed about ¼ mile apart on all trails. Each of the 8 trails in the park is color coded and a color coded trail map is displayed at each trail head. Enjoy your summer hiking these trails and when the snow flies you will see mushers and skiers enjoying them as well. Funds from the Friends Group paid for the materials.

TrailProject09-06 TrailProject09-11