2018 Events at Punderson State Park

We are getting ready for a new year at Punderson and are looking for outdoor loving individuals to help volunteer with us. Volunteer activities include helping at special events like the fishing derby, crafts in the campground and more!

Our group is very small and has been playing a minimal role at the park, but we could do more with your help! Please contact us at president@friendsofpunderson.com if you would like to help or volunteer!

For those of you who participated in the Halloween Camp Out last year, we are still waiting on the vouchers from the state park. If they fail to get back to us soon, we will be sending you something regardless and apologize for the long wait.


We are still waiting to hear from the state as the official date for the derby. However, we are extremely shorthanded this year having lost several volunteers. Please consider helping out this year as we may be unable to hold this event without the proper support.